August 9, 2022


So how did I finally out how to get to my happy weight and STAY there. I started treating hunger like thin people do. Here are three great examples: 1. When I got hungry during the day, I ate enough…

So how did I finally out how to get to my happy weight and STAY there.

I started treating hunger like thin people do.

Here are three great examples:

1. When I got hungry during the day, I ate enough to feel good and satisfied, and I ate exactly what I was craving, even if it seemed “fattening.”


Less night time eating which meant lower calorie consumption overall.

2. When I wasn’t hungry, but there was food all around me, I kept reminding myself that I would enjoy whatever food I craved, as soon as I got hungry.


I didn’t feel deprived or wishful. I felt happy anticipation of hunger.

3. When I felt hunger, I viewed it with positivity and power, instead of fear. Hunger meant that I would soon be enjoying one of life’s best pleasures: food.


I ate less. When hunger is felt as a beautiful drive, not a feared state of being, it becomes a joy. And since I am lucky enough to be able to afford food, hunger became my friend, someone I looked forward to seeing several times a day.

Can you imagine the joy of this kind of eating, of weight loss that comes not because you are fighting your body, but because you are yielding to it?

Friends, my entire journey and the First Twelve Weeks of Your Healthy Thin Mentality is available and easy to download on this site- If you can’t afford it, email me.

I truly believe that doing the workbook and being part of Diets Are Fattening is your ticket out of diet misery and into the happy land of Healthy Thin Mentality living.

Peace and love,


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