August 9, 2022


Diet and you are a dieter. For the rest of your life. Behave healthy thin, and that is what you become... So, here is a quick story from the other day. I was out to lunch with some friends, and…

Diet and you are a dieter. For the rest of your life. Behave healthy thin, and that is what you become…

So, here is a quick story from the other day.

I was out to lunch with some friends, and everyone was ordering and I couldn’t decide what to order. It occurred to me that I didn’t even feel hungry. Why? I don’t know. I thought I had felt hunger about an hour prior, so I just assumed that by the time I got to lunch, hunger would be strong.

But as I gazed at the menu and didn’t find anything really enticing, I checked in with my hunger and realized, kind of to my surprise, that I just wasn’t hungry.

I ordered something that I knew would keep well, and that I could eat later. It was a chicken salad dish that I usually really like.

I did this for two reasons.

One, because I know myself. I knew that I would be hungry later, and I wanted to have something good at hand. Yes, I kind of had to guess what I would be in the mood for later, but again, I know myself and what usually is satisfying to me.

Two, I didn’t want to ruin the festive feel of everybody ordering and I just didn’t want the attention of, “Why aren’t you eating?” I knew I could have it put on a plate for me, push it around and then ask for a box. That would go fairly unnoticed.

This is just an example of how to use common sense and manners to keep your HTM alive. It is all about you taking care of you, and doing it in a way that causes you the most peace.

About 2 hours after lunch with my friends, I was home with my leftovers, I grabbed them from the fridge, and happily ate them.

It was delicious because I was hungry…

This is healthy thin behavior.

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